5 Ways to Stay Healthy this Monsoon

Stay Healthy this Monsoon

The hot scorching Sun now remains hidden behind dark rain clouds. Rains in India offer a respite from the blazing summer and everyone therefore eagerly waits for the showers. The weather suddenly shifts to a cool, cozy one. Dark green plants sprout along the roadways and edges of walls. Nature comes back to life in the rain.

Along with heavy downpour, Monsoon also brings together diseases. Viral fever, seasonal allergies, common cold, cough, infections and all are very common ailments during this season. Special care must be taken to keep you and your family away from diseases during the rainy season. Here are some tips to help keep your loved ones away from falling sick this rainy season.


The early showers can be tempting but keep away from the first rains. Rainwater may contain a lot of microbes in them. So walking in the rain can get you exposed to the pathogens, making you susceptible to ailments. You can easily catch a cough or cold enjoying the rains without an umbrella.

Walking barefoot in muddy water and not drying your feet proper can cause fungal infections in your feet and toes.

If you are an office goer, it is advisable to keep an extra pair of clothing in the workspace. Sitting in an air-conditioned room while soaked in rain, can be a very bad idea. Dry or change your clothes immediately, in case you walk in drenched in the rain.
Remember to carry your umbrella and rainwear whenever you’re going out this season.


Take good care of your body and keep it clean. Prevent yourself from monsoon allergies and diseases.
Humidity can be high during this season, sweat and dirt can cause infections. Make it a habit to bath twice a day.
Use a mosquito repellent when leaving home. The rainy season is the breeding time for mosquitos. Using a repellant can be better than taking anti-malarial drugs.
Conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, and other eye infections are widely spread during the monsoon. Refrain from touching your eyes with unclean hands. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eye.
In case you tend to spend long hours in front of computers or television, flush your eyes often with cold water to prevent irritation.


Just like your body, your diet is also to be checked during the monsoon. Rains in India can directly lead to contamination of water. Most diseases during this season are water-borne. Hence, make sure to use only boiled water and avoid having foods from roadside stalls.
Avoid consuming raw fruits and vegetables from outside. Even at home, make sure you wash them thoroughly to get rid of any dirt.
Include plenty of fluids in your daily diet. Drink only boiled water. Waterborne diseases like cholera and diarrhea follow the showers. Make sure you use only purified drinking water. If going out, carry a bottle of boiled drinking water from home. Avoid consuming fresh juices from shops as much as possible. Instead, go for sealed purified drinking water.


Surroundings are to be maintained clean in order to stay safe from diseases. Incessant rains may lead to water stagnation in puddles and blocked drains. Stagnant water is where mosquitoes and many other insects breed. Check your surroundings routinely and prevent water from collecting in unused pots and jars.
Damp walls can promote fungal growth. This can adversely affect if any of your family members suffer from asthma or other breathing issues.
Dumping garbage in the open is another important thing to be avoided. It takes longer during the rains for wastes to get decomposed. This can attract flies, lead to foul smell and may cause discomfort.


If you are a morning jogger, the rains would be your worst enemy. It is very hard to run in the rain, even with raincoats on. Usual running tracks and walkways shall be filled with rainwater, and the traffic can cause splash water on to your clothes.
But it is not necessary to take a break from your daily routine. Switch over to a gymnasium till the rains subside or start exercising indoors. Yoga is another better alternative.
For elderly people, joint pains may increase during this season. Regular yoga can be helpful in loosening up the joints and subsiding the pain.

Taking care of these things, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from monsoon diseases. Prevention is better than cure.  So it is always better to take the necessary precautions to prevent yourself from falling sick.
Remember, you are never as good as a doctor unless of course, you are a doctor. So in case a fever or cold persists for longer than two days, consult a doctor and get proper medication.
Maintain good health throughout the monsoon and enjoy the pleasant weather.






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