How to dress to look taller

Have you ever felt envious of tall girls? Are you uncomfortable wearing heels throughout the day? Wearing heels all day long will cause damage your legs and feet. Do you wanna look taller without growing an inch? Explore the various dressing styles that can make the short girls look taller.

Choose clothes with vertical stripes

It is a common observation that slimmer girls look taller. The use of the vertical stripes in your clothing will give you a slimmer appearance. The concept of vertical lines in dress works since the vertical prints causes the eye to take in more height than width, which makes you appear taller than you are. It does help elongate the body and add the appearance of visual length.

Wear fit or semi-fit clothing

The correct fit or semi-fitted clothing makes you look taller and slim because it stays fit to your body and gives you a perfect body shape. The fitted clothes give you a vibrant look. The oversized clothing will even affect your looks because they extend left to right and thus take inches off your height.


Avoid using skinny jeans

The skinny jeans will make you look even shorter than you are actually. Even if you are opting a skinny jean, cut off at the ankle rather than making it look gathered at the bottom. The cutting of the jeans at the ankle length gives a taller appearance to the person. Try flared jeans. The fitted jean with a flare at the bottom will give the appearance of a longer leg. Make use of a waist-length top along with this type of jeans.

Use single colour clothes

Instead of going for large prints, go choosing the small prints. Stick mostly to single and bright colours. The large prints may make the person look fatter and shorter. For best results, mix and match dark and bright colour clothes to your benefit. Using colours to enhance the illusion of height is a highly effective strategy.

Wear short dresses

It is not advisable to use long dresses for short girls. The short girls are more attractive in short clothes. Even if you favour long dresses, use tight fitted clothes. The dresses above the knee or up to the knee are apt for short people. It will make your legs look long too. In parties, you may mostly consider long gowns or lehenga. You must be well concerned while choosing such types of clothing. The long dresses must be body fit if used by short people. Some dress type will be shorter at one side and longer at the other, these type of dressing makes the person look taller due to the elongation cut.

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Never use dresses that flare out at the bottom

The dresses that flare out at the bottom makes the person look fatter and shorter. These dresses make you look shorter. The type of dressing mainly opted for functions is Anarkali. This type of dresses flares out at the bottom and makes the person look shorter. Avoid using such types of dresses. Opt maximum for tight fit dresses for a party along with heels.

Use V-neck dresses

Opt for a V-neck in dresses you wear. The V shape will have an elongated look. This will make you look taller. The long necklaces in your neck will even create an elongated effect. While opting for the accessories for a party, opt for long necklaces. These minute tips can be followed up to bring an elongated effect to your body and this will finally make you look taller than you are.

Say yes to high waist dresses

The short or the high waist dresses will make you look taller. The high waist shorts, skirts and pants will create an illusion of long legs and will make you look taller. Some people with thin leg may even seem tall. So focus on the sort of dressing which makes your legs look taller and gives your body a taller effect.

Use tops that end at or above your hips

The long top which comes below your hips will generate a shorter effect on your body. Try your maximum to use tops that end at or above your hips. Don’t purchase tops that end below the hips. The shorter people must always choose short tops.

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Choose your footwear wisely

You must be well concerned on choosing your footwears. The high heel sandals are not apt for most of the dresses. Opt for the flats that have pointy-toes or the strappy sandals. These sandals will match best with the shorts and small skirts.
The hairstyles will also matter. Simply hold your hair and tie a knot at the top of your head. This will also give an extra height to you. Maintaining a correct posture while walking, sitting or standing is important. Selecting a small or medium-sized bags rather than the big or oversized ones is also a good tip for short people to look taller than you are.




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