How to find the perfect jeans for you

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The perfect jeans must be both comfortable and flattering. It is not easier to find the right Jean matching your body shape and style. Even within the same brand, the sizing among various styles may differ slightly. Here are some tips which will help you find the perfect pair of jean and help you shop well.

Common Jeans types

There are various types and styles of available jeans. They are classified into skinny, slim, regular, relaxed and loose jeans. The skinny jeans are one of the latest trends. It looks tight fit with a tapered leg opening. Slim fit jeans are comfortable for daily use. They are the type of jean which is not too loose or tight. It has a narrow leg opening. There is some other category called the regular jean. They are straight leg jean generally with a mid-rise. Relaxed jean type is the type which is not too loose but does not stick on to our body. The loose jean is the style preferred by mainly the round figures. It will be too loose from top to bottom.

Choosing the colour of Jeans

Normally the best thing to consider while purchasing the jean is its colour and wash. Dark colours in the Jean are more preferred by everyone. It is believed that dark colour looks classier. The blue colour jean is preferred from the dark colours. There are various shades of blue available in the market. Try finding a midnight blue fabric, one that reflects in the light, if possible. Check whether the jean is washable and make sure it will last for longer use.


Try them on before buying them

There are numerous brands of jeans. Even within the same brand, the sizing among various styles may differ slightly. Sizes and styles of the Jean may even fluctuate between brands.
Select from a range of brands and styles. Pick out a range of brands and styles and try them in the dressing room. Trying on the Jean can only make you analyse which is comfortable and stylish for your body.

Choosing the right size

The jeans look perfect if it matches perfectly with your body shape. All of us will have a different body shape. Explore the type of jeans that fits smoothly with your body shape and buy them. Nowadays most of the jeans which are available are stretchable jeans. The stretchable Jean will go perfectly will almost all the body shapes. The perfect jeans are the ones which will fit your body even without using a belt. Try finding the best jean for your body.


Jeans selection for V-shaped bodies

Finding the right jeans that fit right at the waist but not too unshapely on the hip and thigh area is challenging. As a solution for this challenge, opt for jeans with straight or slim legs for the V-shaped body. The relaxed-fit jeans are apt.

Jeans selection for Round figures

There ate some styles of jeans that look marvellous on round figures. The fit jeans with straight legs will suit more on them. The straight leg jeans make the leg appear thinner than they actually are. Wide leg jeans are nowadays a trend. It is a comfortable choice for round figures. The over tight fit jeans is not a perfect choice for you. It will draw bad attention on others.

Jeans selection for thin figures

Any style of jean will match their body. Low-rise skinny jeans are their favourite choice. Bootcut or flare-leg jeans will even look pretty good on thin people. The people who are too thin must avoid loose or flare jeans.Avoiding the skinny jeans is also a good option for too thin figures. The too fit jeans will make them look thinner than actually, they are. They look awesome in all the styles and colours. It’s the reason why most jean models have this body type!
When it comes to the selection of the Jean, focus on buying the best quality jean. These tips which will help you find the perfect pair of jean and help you shop well.





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