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Have you noticed long queues in front of soft drink stalls recently? Join one and you’ll get to taste the much discussed ‘Fuljar Soda’.

So what exactly is Fuljar Soda?
– It’s the drink that has been trending in Kerala since the past few days. With videos and photos shared all across social media platforms, this is the latest ‘viral’ stuff- the talk of the town.

During Ramadan season, people flock into eateries and soft drink stalls after breaking the fast to savor a variety of delicacies and snacks. Most times it is various snacks and not-so-common local specialties that steal the heart of Malayalis. This time people have fallen in love with the star of soft drink shops- Fuljar Soda.

Fuljar Soda is basically a version of the popular Kulukki Sarbath.

What makes Fuljar Soda different is the way it is prepared and consumed. You do not drink it like you drink your normal soda. A small glass tumbler resembling a shot glass is filled with the spicy lime mixture. This is then immersed into a huge glass of soda. As soon as it is immersed, it froths up and overflows. Note that it tastes best when consumed immediately.

Right now, it has become an inevitable component of iftar parties. People are head over heels over this refreshing drink, waiting in queues for long to grab one. Special Fuljar Soda costs between ₹15- ₹30 in most shops and is in popular demand. But you shall be greeted by long queues in most places to taste this trending drink.

Mint leaves, ginger, bird’s eye chilli, curry leaves, basil seeds (sabja seeds), cinnamon, lime juice, sarsaparilla, honey, salt, and sugar syrup are the main ingredients of the special lime mixture that creates the strong flavour.

 It is the unique blend of these spices that creates its intense flavour. While discussing its taste and flavour, an important matter that we overlook is the health benefits of its ingredients.

Ginger is one of the healthiest spices. It has been an inevitable component in many traditional medicines. It is effective in helping with indigestion and stomach discomfort. Even a pinch of ginger in foods can be helpful for your body.

Lime too helps in digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive juices.  It is rich in vitamins A, B, C, and D and helps in maintaining your weight and improving your skin tone.

A refreshing ingredient to drinks, mint leaves have the highest antioxidant capacity among other foods. It gives relief from seasonal allergy, heartburn, and gastric ulcers.

Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants and is proven to improve digestion and lower blood sugar levels. Including them in preparing not only improves the taste, but also helps in improving our general health.

Health benefits of basil seeds are most times overlooked. Also known as sabja/ falooda seeds or cuscus, they are rich sources of antioxidants. It helps control diabetes and is good for the skin. It helps reduces body heat, and therefore commonly included in soft drinks. Along with that, it helps cure heartburn and cough.

Drinking a glass of Fuljar Soda is not just an exciting experience, it also leaves you refreshed. The health benefits of the drink’s components are plenty, and most times failed to notice.

For those of you, who haven’t had the chance to try it, here’s an easy recipe to make this exciting soda ‘experience’ at home. With easily available ingredients, enjoy the refreshing drink without leaving your home.


  1. Soda
  2. Lime
  3. Ginger
  4. Basil seeds (Sabja seeds)
  5. Bird’s eye chilli
  6. Salt
  7. Cinnamon
  8. Sugar syrup
  9. Mint leaves



  1. Take a small glass (preferably a shot glass) and squeeze the lime into it.
  2. Crush a piece of ginger, cinnamon, a few bird’s eye chilies and mint leaves in a mixer grinder.
  3. Strain this mixture to the small glass containing lime juice.
  4. Add some sugar syrup and mix well.
  5. To this, add soaked basil seeds as per your preference.
  6. Add about half a teaspoon salt. Make sure you do not mix this.
  7. Now take a large glass and fill ¾th with fizzy soda.
  8. Immerse the small glass with the special lime mixture in the big glass of soda.
  9. You can see it fizzing and brimming out. Drink it immediately to get the whole experience.

Note that salt is what makes the drink so frothy. So make sure you add an adequate amount of salt while preparing at home.

If you are a person who likes flavours and experimentation, then you can try preparing flavoured varieties of Fuljar Soda. Add a little orange juice or watermelon juice as the main component in the special lemon mixture to make orange/ watermelon flavoured Fuljar Soda.

Do try making this trending drink at home and surprise your friends and family.





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