Jio Giga Fiber – 1Gbps to Your Home

jio giga fiber

It can be assumed that the people at the helm of Reliance Industries have realized that the new oil in the digital age is information. The company is set to carry out another revolution in Indian households through the launch of Jio GigaFiber and Jio Fiber. A few years back, Reliance industries shook up the world of telecom with the start of the Reliance Jio. The excitation it created among the Indian consumers was not as small as the newly nascent company captured a significant share of the Indian consumer market overnight. Many of us thought such a rise would be for a short interval of time and the popularity of the Jio services would last until it provided free services to the people. It took us some time to realize that Jio has changed the telecom industries for good. There was a drastic descend in the price of internet in the telecom market of India. The taste of the high-speed internet has influenced the internet users of our country, and now the same industry is back in a different segment with unbelievable and super exciting offers.

Jio Giga Fiber

Yes, this is the new product from the creator of Jio, and the announcement itself is creating a lot of shaking in the market. The entry of Reliance industries and the offers announced by them have excited the consumer market. The speed of Reliance Giga Fiber is said to be 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. The basic plan of the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) starts with a speed of 100 Mbps with the price at 700 rupees. The analysis of the package pricing can help us understand that the company is looking to capture the low-end side of the market as well as the high-end consumers of the market.

Other unimaginable offers announced by the company includes a free 4K LED TV along with a 4K Set-top box. Yes!! Now you know why UNIMAGINABLE was stressed in these lines right. The plans and pricing for the offers are yet to be announced by the company. As a welcome offer, Reliance Industries Limited is offering 4K LED TV along with a 4K set-top box for customers opting for annual plans. The scheme will definitely garner a lot many consumers for the company.

Jio Home Phone

Jio Home Phone is also set to launch along with the commercial launch of Jio Fiber. It will bring new services to the existing Jio Fiber and Jio GigaFiber customers. The tariff offered by the company is said to be the lowest in the current market. It is supposed to be priced at one-fifth to one-tenth of the current market prices. It would also have high-speed broadband services with an enabled international calling service for the lowest fixed-line rate. Jio Home Phone also offers unlimited international calls to the US and Canada in a package of 500 rupees per month.

Jio Postpaid Plus

Everyone is being provided a package of their affordability and enjoy the vast opportunities of the digital era. Jio Postpaid Plus extends ‘Platinum’ experience to its customers. There is a priority SIM setup service to your home along with affordable prices for international roaming. It also provides a phone upgrade service at preferential rates for the consumers. The details on the full package are said to be announced on 5th September 2019.

Gaming in Set-Top Box

Yes, I know, there is no end for surprises for the new launch of the Reliance Industries Limited. The gaming capabilities of the Set-Top Box was demonstrated during the presentation where the set-top box provides a console-like gaming experience. The gaming capabilities of the set-top box could be understood as it contains an in-built graphics system. A virtual controller can be accessed through a smartphone. FIFA 19 was played briefly by Akash Ambani in multiplayer mode through Jio Set-top box. The performance orientation of the gaming platform can be expected high because Jio is currently working with leading names in the gaming industry like Gameloft, Tencent, and Microsoft. Zero-latency of the gaming in the consumer nest can be prioritized with the help of Jio Fiber. So gear up everybody, Jio is bringing games into your living room.

Mixed Reality Gears

Yes, there is more, and no this is not the last one on the list. The mission of this feature is to bring the experience of ‘Mixed Realities’ to the households of our country. MR reality use cases can be used in scenarios such as shopping, education, and entertainment. The MR headsets are supposed to be launched by the Tesseract, company in which the RIL has an investment. The MR headset is called Jio HoloBoard. Soon, we can expect our parents to be glued to the television shows with an enhanced reality effect and family shopping sitting in front of the television.

Exclusive Applications

Yes, my dear friends, I think we have reached the end of the list, as RIL is presenting customers with exclusive bundled OTT applications for the subscription. One of the intriguing features is the entertainment of movies on first day first show. Jio is offering its customers new movie releases on the first day, called Jio First-Day-First-Show. The feature is said to launch in the middle of 2020.

So, we can expect a lot in 2020 from RIL. The impact of the announcement can be seen in the market and telecom industry. The initial rollout of the company through the subsidiary Reliance Jio as a trial has garnered over 15 million registration in just a year. Consumers across 1600 towns have shown interest in the Jio Fiber. From the initiatives taken by the company, it can be understood that it is aiming for a higher rate of subscription. If you haven’t taken advantage of Jio last time, then leave no time and subscribe to the new features offered by the company.

RIL, as a parent company, is augmenting the growth of its subsidiary Reliance Jio. The investments made by the company, features bought in by the company, history of the company and the current services of the company have filled the consumers with great expectation on the latest endeavor of the company. The traditional broadcasters would be sweating a lot now right now as everyone knows how Jio took over the telecom industry overnight. The new business model of the company is taking in a lot of opponents like the traditional distributors, DTH service providers, and even Cinemas. It is also taking in a collaborated package of services for the consumers with offers for the smallest kid to the oldest adult in the family. Let’s wait and watch how Jio Fiber is going to change Indian Households.





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