Ketogenic Diet -Things You Should Know

ketogenic diet

The modern-day lifestyle has changed drastically with the most change seen in the food habits of the people. The high-calorie food we consume and the low amount of physical work have accumulated around our body. The obesity issue is epidemic around the world with most of the reasons point towards the lifestyle that we all are addicted. There is a small part of in us which wants to reduce the fat accumulated in around the waist of our body. The bulging belly on our body always caused us minor issues to our self-respect. We try to make a difference in the structure of this body and force our body to work out on the promise of a New Year resolution. Then we all have a realization, that some of us don’t possess the will power to carry on a workout.

What if I say that we can have a fatless body without any actual work out, and also as a bonus, you will receive high activity in your brain?

There it is, the flash of excitement in your veins that suddenly went out on a reality check question from your brain: Is it possible?

Ketogenic Diet

Of course, it is possible, but you will have to make some sacrifices in your lifestyle, especially on food consumption habits. YES, that’s the price you will have to pay for the lack of will power for a hard work out. Do not think that you can complexly skip the workout regime from your life. The name of the diet through which you can achieve an attractive body is called a Ketogenic diet. Before you learn about the diet, there are some things that you should know about this diet.  It is essential to understand how the Ketogenic diet would be effective to the human body. Some of the fundamentals from the diet would help you to enable you to adapt your personalized Ketogenic diet.

Need For Ketogenic diet

The most significant duty of you to your body is to understand what is going inside your body. It is also crucial to know how your body is utilizing the calories that you intake. The modern lifestyle and food habits force us to eat a lot of carbohydrates products for our energy. Carbohydrate is a rich source of energy that provides most of the energy during our day. During the early start of civilization, people have to put up a lot of physical energy during their day, such as hunting and gathering food.

Then as cultures developed, the work changed a lot, and the human force was used for the development of farms and cattle rearing. After the industrial revolution and the influence of modern technology in human civilization, a lot has changed. The boom of technology and growth in the public and private transportation changed the energy needs of almost everyone on the planet. The nature of work has changed, and the amount of physical energy burned by an average person declined drastically. But the food habits and calorie intake did not change with the nature of our work. In early periods of our civilization, carbs were used by our body as a source of energy and fat uniformly distributed throughout our body, stored as a potential energy reserve.

Food Lifestyle

The problem we face at present is the high intake of calories and lack of physical exercise to burn these calories. Carbohydrates fuel 50-65% of the energy need and the rest is being availed from the fat reserve of our body. The contemporary lifestyle of a person, the requirement of such a high level of energy is low. The lack of burning of carbohydrates leads to the high production of insulin in the body. In simple words, it can be realized that the unburned carbs solidify with our fat around our belly, waist region, and other regions. It will have a significant impact on our self-confidence.  The solution to our lifestyle problem is the new diet regiment called the Ketogenic diet.

Things you should know while following diet

Scientific studies, survey, and experiments are being conducted to learn about the advantages of this diet. The upside of the diet is that you don’t have to starve yourself to achieve weight loss. The transition of the diet to low carb food habits would be a little tough as the energy source would change, and fat burning is an exhausting process. You would get used to it in a small time period. You would have to compensate for the lack of carbohydrates in your body through the inclusion of fiber-rich food, green leafy vegetables, and fruits. A drastic change in your diet can have a significant effect on your body. Consult a doctor or nutritionist before you change your diet. You should also check if you have any heart diseases, hyperglycemia, or diabetes. The diet may have an adverse effect on your health if you have these diseases as Ketogenic conditions would produce ketones, which is released to your blood. It might affect the production of insulin in your body. So be extra careful before you opt into the Ketogenic diet.

Benefits of Ketogenic Diet

There are many benefits to following the Ketogenic diet. It helps to reduce the risk of cancer, improves the health of the heart, along with the functioning of the brain. It also helps to compliment the effects of chemotherapy and radiation in the human body. This effect is due to the oxidation stress in the cancer cells than in normal cells.

The Ketogenic diet, when followed strictly, can improve your heart condition. It is through the reduction of cholesterol in the body as the diet helps in the increase of good cholesterol (HDL), and reduce the presence of bad cholesterol in the body of the person. Some of the studies also found that the Ketone molecules can increase the cognitive functions and alertness of the brain. This was also found through an experiment in the US Army.

The overall analysis of the Ketogenic diet led us to believe that it is an excellent way to maintain the fitness of the body if you are not a diabetic patient. The diet has logical explanations of how it will help us enhance the functioning of the body. It can be suggested to change your dietary should be taken slowly as drastic change can affect your health. Even if your diet routine is not strict, you should look out to remove sugar, and high carb contained food from your diet. You would feel a little weak during the initial stage of the dieting. Do not be afraid; such effects are typical when you start a diet. So, all the best on your implementation of the Ketogenic diet. Follow us to know more about the Ketogenic diet and habits that can benefit your health.




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