Makeup Tricks every Woman Should Know

makeup tips for women
Makeup can do miracles on your skin.It can make a wide nose look thinner, can create an illusion of a natural face lift and can get you an even, poreless photo-ready skin in few minutes.

Makeup tips to hide Your Double Chin

So are you wondering what can you do to get rid of that double chin without having to spend so much money on expensive treatments?

Clean your face and chin area. Always apply makeup to clean skin. Lightly pat your skin dry and apply a thin layer of oil-free moisturizer on your face and all along your chin and neck area and let it absorb for a minute.

Apply your regular foundation on your face, but to cover up your double chin, use a foundation that is one to two shades darker than the face foundation on your chin. Be careful that it is not too dark or it will end up looking like you are trying to grow a beard. Blend well so there are no demarcation lines.

Makeup tips to Hide Dark Under Eye Circles 

Choose a concealer with a yellow undertone to neutralize the purple color of the dark circles. Using a thin makeup brush and starting at the inner corner of the eye, where circles are darkest, gently dot the concealer along the under-eye area. Repeat with the other eye. Blend in the edges of the concealer until they are no longer visible. If the concealer is still obvious, apply any other desired makeup to the rest of your face and blend again. It may help to use a different shade of concealer on your cheeks and forehead, in between your skin tone and the tone of the eye concealer.

Makeup tips to Cover Sunken Eyes

A very distinctive feature of sunken eyes is that the lid is often a little darker than the rest of the skin of the face. That is why the first step in applying makeup will be to put on a make-up base over the whole face but also on the eyelids. This will make the tone unified and the final result will be much more beautiful and make your makeup last longer.
The most important step to apply make-up on sunken eyes and visibly make them higher and more elevated is to do a proper application of shadows. Above all, you must choose colours that are neutral or clear such as nude, light beige, light pink, etc., and with a little shine to add light.

Make Eyes Look Bigger and Brighter

Not all of us are born with big, bright eyes. But every girl can appear more alert and even more friendly or feminine with the makeup, that make eyes look bigger. Define your brows. This brings attention to and frames up the entire eye area. People will perceive your eyes as bigger when more focus is put on the area surrounding them. Placing shimmer here catches the light, thus giving the appearance of more open, awake eyes. Placing a light color on the lid gives a larger appearance to the eye area. Mascara is the perfect way to enhance the lower part of the eye without overdoing it.

Make your thin lips attractive

Before starting with the makeup see if your lips are dry or not. Dry skin on the lips can spoil the makeup and make it appear chapped. Apply a thin layer of lip balm to soften the skin. Leave it for 2 minutes and then start with the lip makeup. If you want to get pink lips, go for nude colours or pink lip colour. Glossy shades help you get the cheek look! Fill the rest of your lips with this lip pencil followed by your favorite lip color. Finally, apply a little highlighter down the middle of your lower lips and to the outline.

Makeup tips to Hide Dark Spots

While choosing the concealer, the colour should not be either too bright or too dark, because this can actually make dark spots more obvious. Choose a color somewhere between your skin color and the color of the dark spot. In brownish dark circles caused by pigmentation, use a yellowish color.

Shrink Big Forehead

If wide hairline or large forehead troubles you a lot then master this simple makeup trick.Dip a wide makeup brush with a matte bronzer or a dark contoured powder and sweep using a circular motion several times across the temples of your forehead and along the hairline. Be careful not to add too much or it might end up looking unnatural.
A great makeup tip to diminish large pores in seconds and to get a flawlessly smooth finish. Blend the harsh line using a makeup brush and then apply a little highlighter to the bridge of your nose. If you have a fair skin tone then use peach color and for wheatish or dark skin tone use coral or yellow color lipsticks.




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