Makeup Tips for Rainy season

Are you looking for some simple tips on make-up for the rainy season? Just because it’s rainy season, heavy makeup won’t last on your face for a longer duration. Try some simple and tricky ideas that give elegant look to your face and makes the makeup last longer. Opting for waterproof products will help you in this weather.

Simple makeup looks cool in monsoon

The simple makeup is perfect for the monsoon season. There are chances of rainwater smudging or washing away your makeup. In place of applying a thick layer of makeup, apply a thin layer of cream or moisturiser. Use maximum waterproof materials for makeup during this weather. Use waterproof mascara and eyeliners to prevent smudging.

Avoid the usage of powder in monsoon

The people who use powder daily must skip the usage of powder in the monsoon season. The powder will not stay longer period in monsoon. Instead of powder, try using a liquid foundation during this weather. The liquid foundation will stay for longer hours and will not spread much in rain. Even at the times when you get wet in the rain, just dab it with a tissue and not rub it all over your face. It will prevent spreading the makeup to the whole face.

Avoid glossy lipsticks in Monsoon

Avoid lip gloss or glossy lipsticks as in the rain they get completely spread over your face. Make sure to choose the lipstick that will enhance your look even in the rains. Opt for a matte based lip colour that is smudge proof. Hot pinks, corals, orange and ruby reds are the perfect shades to wear in monsoon. Darker shades of purple and dark brown also make a good option in monsoon. The darker colours last longer.

Make use of waterproof foundation

The use of heavy makeup is a necessity while attending a party or reception. People are mostly afraid of using makeup during this season. At such times of function, try using waterproof products. The waterproof foundations are available. Avoid the usage of powdered products for the makeup. The liquid products are much better in monsoon season. All the waterproof products are available in the market presently.

Eye makeup

The people are mostly afraid of spreading the eyeliners and mascara on their face in the rainy season. The high-quality products must be made use at the times of monsoon. The waterproof cosmetics can only prevent the makeup from spreading when water falls on it. Thus use only the waterproof eyeliners and mascara in the rainy season. Maximum avoid the usage of the eye shadows in monsoon. They spread mostly during rainy weather.

Condition your hair and apply hair oil or serum

During the rainy season, your hair completely looks ugly. Conditioning your hair regularly and applying hair oil and serum will help you in a better way. Always dry your hair before you go out in rain. Tying your hair tight is not considered apt in monsoon season. When the hair is tied tight in monsoon, it leads to trapping of rain water in your hair and the humidity makes the hair even more frizzy and limp. Tie the hair using a loose bun and keep it loose for better protection.
Gently slide an ice cube all over your face for a few minutes before applying the makeup. This helps last the makeup longer. Various changes occur in the skin type at this season, people having dry skin are preferred to use cream or moisturisers. Completely avoid the usage of powder at this season. Make use of liquid products that stay longer. Prefer waterproof materials mostly. Stick more on to sandals and flat footwear at this season.




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