Are Ripped Jeans Still Trendy In 2019?

Ripped Jeans

When it comes to the latest trends in fashion, we are always curious to know what our favorite style icons are wearing on the streets of the most stylish cities in the world. Ripped jeans are back in fashion with a vengeance mood or might be they weren’t really gone ever. We all love to wear ripped or distressed jeans, don’t we? But have you ever imagined that from where the trend of ripped jeans comes? Well, the ripped jeans trend is back from the 80s and will never go faded. Nowadays, it is like the holy grail of cool style and is hotter than everything. These super sexy and trendy ripped jeans are available in a variety of styles- from the sexy skinny leg to cool and casual boyfriend jeans with a cropped hem that will give you the cool edge to your style.

Ripped jeans styles aka distressed jeans look amazing with simple shoe sneakers, heels, and you can also pair it with these simple tops.

  •         White t-shirts
  •         Jackets
  •         Leopard Print Top
  •         Graphic t-shirts
  •         Denim Shirts
  •         Ruffles Sleeves Shirts
  •         Crop tops
  •         Boyfriend t-shirts
  •         Off-the-shoulder blouses

Take a look at these stylish outfit ideas for what to wear with ripped jeans:-

White Tees and Ripped Jeans

Make your appearance simple when you are wearing the ripped denim. You can pair up your jeans with long sleeved white tees for a classic fall style. Accessories your outfit with a pair of white canvas shoes to get this cool and casual aesthetic. Pair this with a sleek handbag and platform heels with minimal makeup. Make this ripped denim part of your everyday casual attire and you are ready to slay any occasion.

Leather Jacket and Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are a very important part of today’s lifestyle and you can find it undoubtedly in many women’s wardrobe. Leather jacket and the ripped jeans make the perfect combination. It will give you a chic look in a very stylish and different way. You can add some accessory love, in the form of black sunglasses and white sneakers to look elegant. It could be the perfect addition to create a trendy style statement.

Bomber Jacket and High-Rise Ripped Jeans

Every fashionable woman owns at least one pair of high-rise ripped Jeans. We can’t get over how flattering these jeans are. It gives oomph to upgrade your style instantly. The best thing about these jeans is it goes with everybody type no matter what size you are. Team up your outfit with a plain white shirt and layer it with a bomber jacket to create a bold statement. Finish your look with nude colored stilettos to take one step ahead on fashion game.

Leopard Print and Ripped Jeans

Sometimes magic happens in fashion when two things that might not seem to go together, are thrown into the same outfit mix. If you’re hoping to get an upgrade your street style, Leopard print shirt/tees and distressed jeans combination works great together. Ripped jeans hug your body perfectly and showcase all your curves. It will represent your expressive, creative and inspirational personalities. And with this outfit, you are definitely going to shine and flaunt the extraordinary charm.

Ripped Jeans and Accessories

Pick up your favorites top or sweater and team it with distressed jeans. A pair of chic pumps will give you a cool look you’ll want to wear every weekend.  To be an epitome of style, you can complement your outfit with statement accessories and give everyone some major fashion goals.

Graphic Tees and Ripped Jeans

Let’s say it, we all love graphics tee but of course, not anyone wants to end up having a dull moment. Wear your favorite graphic t-shirt and pair it up with blue distressed jeans to set an effortless style statement. Go and pick your favorite brand’s t-shirt and team it up with ripped jeans to get a romanticized fashion persona.

Denim on Denim (Ripped Jeans)

Denim Shirt and Ripped Jeans is a fashion trend that keeps on coming back, season after season. Wear double denim confidently to create an easy, breezy look. When you get confused, choose a lighter denim shirt to go with a darker ripper jean. A pair of sunglasses, a fashionable handbag, and white sneakers or boot, is enough to give you a trendy and youthful look. You can also give the volume to your outfit by adding a layer of a denim shirt on a white tee. It will make you look active and chic for fashion-forward at the same time.

Ruffles Sleeves Shirts and Ripped Jeans

Wearing ruffled sleeves or extremely long sleeves create a voguish statement. Be a fashionista by adding a high-fashion look with ripped jeans and ruffle shirt combination. Wear your ruffled sleeves with ripped jeans to look like a badass girl who doesn’t care about anything but style. It is the smartest way which will boost your look instantly.

Crop Top and Ripped Jeans

We don’t need any excuse to wear a crop top. We all have always fallen for this cute top and usually, we team it with low-waisted jeans. Make your ensemble interesting by adding some accessories over your fashionable crop top. A pair of high heels will give you slimmer illusion and definitely make you look classy and confident.

Off shoulder top and Ripped Jeans

Off shoulder top is so trendy and it adds romance to any look. This outfit will give you such a cool and chic look. White sneakers or high heels will give you the perfect addition to create an attractive appearance. You can accessorize your look with ankle boots or sneakers and it will create such a fun look.

Wearing a pair of ripped jeans is always fun and there are lots of ways to wear it. To give your look a makeover, it is necessary to try out different types of jeans along with the different styles of top-wear.




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