Simple Tips to Keep your Lips Beautiful

Lip beauty
Beauty, sensuality, style – Lips are said to be the second point of attraction on any woman’s face after eyes. Lips do get older along with you and your skin. There are natural ways by which you can make your lips look younger, bigger and red. Due to pollution and due to rampant use of harsh cosmetics, lips tend to turn dark and lose their natural beauty over time. And we are forced to depend on cosmetics even more.
It is just in order to easily improve your beauty by creating an attractive smile as well as one of the best ways to perform this is with pink lips. Indeed, a lot of people usually are not fortunate enough to have naturally pink lips in lieu of having lips that are pale as well as dark which is not attractive.

Use Lipsticks Sparingly

A gorgeous face and well-maintained figure may not grab attention and complements if the lips are looking dark and sore. Dark and unhealthy lips cast a poor impression on others and are also a blow to one’s self-confidence.
Use lipsticks only when you need them the most. They contain chemicals, which are not good for your lips. Make sure you use Lipsticks with Shea butter, Vitamin E, jojoba oil etc that moisturize your lips. Go for a tinted lip balm instead of a lipstick for regular use, and brands like Nivea and Maybelline have some really good ones.

Moisturize your lips

Mix some honey, sugar and a few drops of olive oil and apply to the lips, massage for 10 minutes. The fact that the skin of your lips has a small quantity of sebum (an oil), you have to keep your lips moisturized provided you desire them to remain healthy and hence pink. Moreover, it significantly important to note that if you are going outside, attempt applying a bit of petroleum jelly or else lip balm as well if you are inside, use some cocoa butter. On the other hand, if you desire your lips to be soft as well as pink, you have to keep them moisturized.
Milk: Lactic acid is one of the most effective ingredients to use in order to lighten the skin. Natural remedies have the chief advantage of not spoiling the flawless condition of your skin. Therefore, drink either more milk than usual or apply a few drops of it on a cotton pad and place it on the lips. Besides the whitening effect, milk can also contribute to the elimination of the dead skin cells which cause dark lips.
Another remedy just needs lemon as well as some sugar. In order to do that cut a thin slice from the lemon, sprinkling a bit of sugar on top and rub your lips with this combination on a regular basis. This works miraculously since the lemon function for naturally bleaching your lips, coming again to their light as well as pink color whilst sugar works to exfoliate lifeless skin cells.

Rose Petals

Rose petals can also be used to get back the pink colors of your lips. Take some rose petals and immerse it in milk for some time. Then make a paste of the petals and add a few drops of honey and glycerin to it. Now take this paste and dab it on your lips for fifteen minutes. Finally rub off your lips gently with milk. When you follow this treatment daily you can witness amazing results.
Rose petals are another one of the wonderful home remedies for pink lips. You can just soak a few rose petals in milk for a short time. What should you do next? After that make use of the petals towards making a paste, adjoining a few drops of glycerin and honey. Dab the paste on your lips as well then wait just fifteen minutes before smoothly massaging it off applying milk. This remedy can bring about wonderful results.

Scrub with Toothbrush

Furthermore, if you desire smooth lips, you can use your toothbrush each night after brushing your teeth. You just scrub the lips with it (make sure it is soft bristled) as well as this can eliminate the chapped, dry skin that forms around your lips, making them look fresher.

Avoid Licking or Biting your Lips 

Saliva tends to further dry out the moisture on your rather than add to them.Dermatologists hence advise us not to lick the lips to keep them wet because in the process you are further drying them out and this can lead to darkening of the lips. Even the habit of biting lips should be avoided as there is the risk of damaging them, instead, keep a moisturizing lip balm handy for application as it protects and conditions your lips.
Licking your lips and lip balm is an idiosyncrasy that a lot of people suffer from. This is a reaction to nervousness or stress. This might calm your nerves at that moment but the long-term damage it does to your lips is quite harsh. It leaves them dry, chapped and even bleeding at the time. The best way to avoid this is to first stop using flavored lip balms and secondly to make a conscious effort to adopt other means of relieving stress.

Turmeric Powder with Milk

Moreover, one of the best ways towards lightening shady lips came from India. The fact that they amalgamate unprocessed turmeric powder as well as milk cream towards achieving wonderful results. On the other hand, you would also make an effort try amalgamating turmeric powder as well as gram’s flour in order to light your lips. Simply you have to bear in mind that flour of the grams dries up lips making it an ordinary choice for those whose lips are previously dry. Just know that if you, however, apply this mix-up, you should be confirming towards using a profound twofold cream designed in moisturizing your lips after you eliminate the mix-up.

Follow these tips daily and keep your lips beautiful always.




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