Stunning Makeup Ideas for Your Red Dress

Makeup for red dress
When you wear a red dress to a festive occasion, wedding, prom, an evening out or even to the office, you are surely bound to turn heads. And if you have worn the right makeup for a red dress, you will look stunning in no time.
With a reverberating roar, most women would pick a red dress as it seems to bring out an alluring yet bold look in all women. But accessorizing this gorgeous dress can be tricky.
Since red is such a striking color, make your dress the centerpiece of your look — this means it’s best to go for understated makeup and natural colors so you look pretty and polished instead of overdone.
You need to concentrate on matching your red dress with your skin shade. Just to give you an example – pink to red tone dresses and lipsticks will suit girls with blue-red skin tones. On the other hand, orange-red dresses and lipsticks will suit ladies with darker Asian and Mediterranean skin tones.

Highlight Your Lips Or Eyes, Not Both

You know how red is a vibrant colour. So when it comes to makeup for red dress occasions, avoid wearing an excess of makeup, for example, bright red lipstick, and heavily made-up eyes, as they both will make you cut out a sorry figure.
To avoid looking vulgar, choose one of the two only – either lips or eyes. Also if you don’t wear makeup at all, you could give a washed out look.
With your bold red dress making the big statement, you shouldn’t wear bright, colorful eye shadow that competes with it. Instead, opt for neutral shades like ivory, beige, tan, brown and gray that allow the dress to be the star of your look. This doesn’t mean your eye makeup has to be boring. Go for a glamorous, retro-inspired pinup eye by using an ivory, beige or skin-tone eye shadow from lashes to brow bone and a matte mid-tone brown in the crease for definition. Add drama by using black liquid eyeliner to create a winged cat eye. Opt for sexy, smoky eyes with a shimmery bronze-brown on the lid and chocolate-brown liner smudged along the upper and lower lashes. With either look, add plenty of mascara to really frame your eyes.

Apply Foundation Lightly

When it comes to makeup for a red dress, never overdo whenever you are putting foundation. Applying it lightly is the best key. The foundation has to match or even out your skin tone after all. Make sure it blends well and doesn’t leave any ‘tide marks’ under your chin or jawline.
If you have fair skin, a red dress can sometimes make you look a little washed out, which is why blush is a must. A soft neutral pink, peachy pink or rosy bronze shade is ideal because it has a natural look but still perks up the skin and adds definition to your face. For darker skin, you can apply a rosy shade just to the apples of your cheeks and use bronzer to contour beneath your cheekbones for a subtle look.

Lipstick for Your Red Dress

Whenever you are putting on a red lipstick, application mistakes are bound to show up. So it’s best to use a lip brush to paint over your red lipstick for better precision and control.
Coming back to what lipstick to wear with a red dress, if you are not keen on wearing a red lipstick, then pursue a natural look on your lips. It means to choose a ‘nude’ shade of lipstick which comes close to your natural lip color.
With a red dress, you may be tempted to wear matching lipstick– but that look is difficult to pull off and can feel a little dated. Instead, opt for a more natural lip. A nude lipstick shade that’s similar to your natural lip color is an ideal option when you want to keep the focus on your dress. If you need added definition along your lips, use a matching lip liner first, and then top the lipstick with a sheer nude or pink gloss for a soft, natural look.
Although for the glamorous, classic look, you can opt for a red lipstick, it is generally best to wear lighter shades that are closer to your natural one. A tinted lip gloss is the best option to avoid color clashing. For your nails, don’t try to match colors with your dress. Just a French manicure would do fine. If you wear nail polish, opt for nude colors.
So, try on these tips and be the most beautiful for the next party!





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