Tawang – The Best Place to Have a Visit in North East



“Kaasi, where will we go now?

“The snowfall might have been started in Tawang. Do you want to go?”

A famous film in Malayalam ends with these beautiful dialogues between the hero and the heroine. Then the credit began to roll with the camera panning over to the fascinating landscapes they were going to travel.  But, that very name, Tawang stayed there with us, still fresh and unexplored. These fascinating vibes inspired the many gallivanters to explore this alluring beauty! That was the beginning. Explorers, adventurists, and Gullivanters have begun to dive into the mysteries of North East India and, Tawang topped the list. So, get your backpacks ready to conquer the mountains!

Tawang- Beyond the Mountains Lies the Most Beautiful Destination

Tawang, the captivating land lies above 8,757 feet of the sea level, is located in Arunachal Pradesh, the largest North Eastern state with least population density.

Major Destinations

Sela Pass

sela pass-tawangWe begin our journey here! A ride through Sela Pass, the world’s one of the highest roads, would be the most rejuvenating experience in our journey to explore the intricacies of Tawang. Lying at an elevation of 13,700 feet above the sea level, this pass is the gateway that connects the state with the rest of India. Hence, when you enter Tawang via road, you cross this renowned pass. Around 101 lakes, all of them are scared according to the Buddhist belief, adds to the mystic charm of the pass. Zomdong Na Village; located in the middle of the pass and Sela Lake would be the major attractions during the journey.

Nunarang Falls

Nunarang Falls-tawangThe perfect place for those who want to get bewitched by the picturesque waterfalls! It would be absolutely amazing to have a brief halt here to appreciate the spectacular wonders of nature! Geographically, the waterfall is situated 2 kilometres away from Jang, a major town connecting Bomdila and Tawang.

The Sangestar Tso Lake

The Sangestar Tso Lake-Tawang

Another jewel in the crown of beautiful Tawang! Located 15,200 above the sea level, this lake allures everyone with its tranquil ambience.

Tawang Monastery


Finally, the exclusive location is unveiled! Now you have conquered all those towering mountains, touched the clouds and halted in the poetic land, Tawang. The land that is famous for the serenity and perfection of monasteries is lying right in front of your eyes. It’s your time to embrace the unique culture and spiritual rejuvenation this ambience offers. Being the second largest monastery in the world, Tawang monastery unveils the perfection of architecture and magnificence artworks.

How to Reach

Nearest Airports
  •        Salonibari Airport in Tezpur
  •        Guwahati airport
Nearest Railway Station
  •        Guwahati Railway Station
By Road
  •        14 hours from Guwahati to Tawang
  •        15 hours from Shillong to Tawang

Of all these transportation methods, travelling by road would be a wonderful experience! The freedom on roads would rush the adrenaline up in your veins to conquer the terrains with extreme enthusiasm.




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