Things You Should Avoid Before Sleep

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It is very important to get quality sleep every night. A night of good night sleep is as important as exercise and a healthy diet. Research says that poor sleep can affect you badly and give you immediate negative effects on your brain function, exercise performance and hormones. Below is the Do not before sleep.

Do not take a hot shower

Are you surprised? Well, we all know that a hot bath could be so relaxing and lots of people follow this routine as a bedtime practice. Increased temperature can confuse your body and ruin your sleep easily. The problem, however, comes when you feel overheated or sweating, that can actually make it difficult to sleep. Hence, make your body cool down before going to bed.

Do not consume too much caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine both can make it more problematic to get a good night’s sleep. But drinking a lot of any liquid within two or one hours before you hit the bed will make you feel more awake. Even people who don’t take caffeine after twelve at noon declare a better quality of sleep. Get plenty of water before going to bed so that you don’t feel thirsty at night.

Do not overuse digital devices

Avoid using your smartphones, tablets, and laptops in your bed. Reports have shown that pre-slumber screen time can impede your body’s ability to fall asleep. Well, the bright lights from screens can disturb your sleep cycle balance. Working before sleeping in bed can be stressful and it can also affect your good night’s sleep as well. You should limit your screen time at least an hour before bed to get the quality sleep.

Do not overeat before bed

A late night dinner and a heavy meal both are not a good idea. People who eat before bed are more likely to gain weight simply because a bedtime snack is an extra meal and, therefore, you will get some extra calories too. The resources of your body are focused on digestion after a heavy meal, and it can disturb your sleep easily.

Do not have serious conversations

You’ve probably heard this statement, “don’t go to bed angry.” As it turns out, it’s absolutely correct! Studies have shown that sleeping directly after having a fight will effectively preserve your emotions until you awake. The human body is averse to falling asleep in bad mood. In this way, you will find it a terrible time, falling asleep after a loud conversation. Make sure you fix your clashes and conflicts before you hit the bed.




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