Tips to choose the right Sunscreen

Is your sunscreen giving you the right protection? Beach, or shopping, or just roaming out with your buddies? Don’t forget to use the sunscreen. No matter whatever the weather!
Sunscreen protects our skin from damage. The UV rays of the sun can cause your skin to age prematurely. Making use of sunscreen in any weather is the primary step towards skin protection. They are available in various forms which include lotions, gels, sticks, and many others.
It is likely to get a sunscreen with SPF 30. It is proper for summer seasons. Here in this article, we have mentioned the particular things to be analysed while choosing the sunscreen for your skin.

Date of Production and expiry

It is most apt to use the fresher products. The better the product is, better will be the result. The ingredients in the sunscreen tend to break down fast. Thus it is important to use the fresh product. Go through the date of manufacture of the sunscreen and its expiry date before purchasing the product. The use of creams after the end of expiry date may cause damage our skin damage.

Prefer Branded Sunscreens

Choosing the best brand is a very great concern while selecting a sunscreen. Try to purchase a maximum of international standard brands. It is apt to use the best sunscreen brands.

Choose creamy sunscreens

Sometimes the sunscreens in the form of spray and powder cause irritation to the skin and may not be apt for all the skin categories. They may sometimes cause various health issues since they contain certain nanoparticles that can enter the bloodstream. Avoid using such products and stick to the cream-based product.

Cropped View of Woman Applying Sunblock on Legs

Choose sunscreen that offers SPF 30 Protection Or Higher

An essential thing to consider while opting for the sunscreens is looking for their SPF value. The sunscreens with SPF value 15 and more is regarded as suitable for use. But make sure to look for SPF 30, if available.

Look for the presence of Titanium Dioxide Or Zinc Oxide

The most common ingredient in the sunscreen is titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. They are used for UV Protection. Look for the presence of this ingredient in the sunscreen before its purchase. Zinc oxide even has some harmful effects. It may make the skin look pale and ghostly.

Water And Sweat Resistance

Water and sweat-resistant sunscreens are available nowadays. Choose a water and sweat-resistant sunscreen while you are going for a walk or to the beach.

Kid-friendly Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a common need for kids too. We must be well concerned while choosing the sunscreen for kids. They need skin-friendly sunscreens as they have extremely sensitive skin. Many creams may even have sunscreen protection in them. They can be bought for the kids.

Sunscreen Sprays

Usage of the sunscreen sprays is not an appropriate method. The usage of the spray form of sunscreens can cause an enormous wastage of the product. The inhaling of the mist in the spray is very dangerous. If using the spray type of sunscreen, avoid inhaling the mist after spraying.


No stinging

The sunscreen should not sting your face or body. If your sunscreen stings on your body, consider its time to throw it off.

Price is not a measure for selection

It is not a perfect to choose the sunscreens looking at their prices. It is not important that products with high price are the best. Prefer choosing the best sunscreen after proper review.
Consider these tips while selecting a sunscreen. These tips may help you to choose the best and have a fresher look always.




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